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Sarah E. Velasquez

Sarah E. Velasquez I am Sarah E. Velasquez and I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals and desires through properly edited documents. The hardest part about creating documents is separating yourself from the content. It is extremely hard to see mistakes or determine what works for your audience when you have been poring over a document for a long period of time. To have someone else take an objective look is always helpful. I believe a well edited document can open doors to many opportunities. I look forward to helping you with your goals and needs.

Educational Background

Master of Science in English with a specialization in Technical Writing from Utah State University.

Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Professional Communication from Kansas State University.

Master of Agribusiness (MAB) from Kansas State University.

My undergraduate studies focused on engineering and agriculture.

The diversity in my education allows me to understand, develop, and process many different types of documents and genres.

Employment Background

My employment background consists of over seven years of technical writing and editing, and over nine years of project development and management. I have experience in document writing and editing, website development and editing, grant writing and management, marketing, advertising development, and customer relations.


Published Articles

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